Monday, October 3, 2011

Flood Damage Insurance Claims NJ

With all of the recent flooding throughout NJ, many people are filing flood damage insurance claims in NJ for home repairs. How do you know if your insurance covers the damage done by the floods? This is where Levine Lawyers comes in. Our professional legal group specializes in residential real estate legal services in NJ.

Knowing whether or not your home owner's insurance covers the damage incurred is important, as insurance companies differentiate between what caused the damage. For example, your insurance may cover water damage if the water entered your home due to winds. However, if your home flooded, your insurance may not cover this. The difference is that if water rises or seeps into your home, it’s a flood. Navigating through legal insurance documents is something better off left to professionals. Call Levine Lawyers today if you need help with flood damage insurance claims in NJ.